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Books we love

Books we love

People who know us wouldn’t classify either one of us as “readers” – in fact several friends may question whether or not Jeff can even read.  For the record Jeff can read.  There are a couple of books that were influential in our decision to leave work and travel.  Regardless if you are interested in taking a sabbatical or not these books are still easy reading (remember, Jeff read them) and interesting.


The 4-Hour Workweek – An oldie but a goodie. The title kind of says it all.  The author provides some very different thoughts and approaches to how to manage your day and remove yourself from the grind.  If you are extremely motivated it gives you direction on how to have a 4-hr work week without sacrificing pay.  One of my favorite recommendations from the book was to hire a virtual assistant and them them to handle a bunch of different mundane tasks on your behalf.




How to Quit Your Job and Travel – This book accomplished two things. First it helps with conquering the fears and worries of leaving your job.  Most of us aren’t raised in an environment that says go to school, go to college, get a job, work hard, get married, buy a home and then drop everything you spent your life working towards and travel.  Most of us also don’t have someone close to us that has done it.  That leaves us to lurk on the internet reading other blogs and books just like this one  Secondly this book also provides a really good amount of information on traveling and backpacking through Central & South America.  Best part of all it’s only a couple of bucks.



Stumbling on Happiness– In a nutshell, this book challenges our ability as humans to predict what will make us happy in the future. Humans are the only species that comprehend and understand the concept of the future and it talks about how we develop that as a young child That said, when we are able to do it, we don’t do it very well. Our imagination plays a big role in helping us inaccurately predict how we will feel in the future. While this book doesn’t have the answer to finding happiness, he does a great job of pointing out things to be aware of and not let our brains fool us. The author strongly recommends using other people’s experiences to help guide us in achieving happiness. This was sound advice for me when deciding to take a year off and leverage other’s experiences  who have done something similar to reconfirm and assure myself this was the right decision and something we wouldn’t regret,  I highly recommend this interesting and thought provoking book.


no approval needed a travelers guide to the galapagos islands

A Traveler’s Guide to the Galapagos Islands – We stumbled across this book in our apartment. When we woke up early the next day we had some coffee on our balcony and I picked up the book. It was difficult to put down. It has a really good balance of history (very, very interesting), the wildlife that you can find on the islands, recommendations on what to do on each island and a lot of excellent information and resources if you’re interested in booking a cruise.  The latest version was published in 2004. Admittedly I read the 3rd version that was published in 1998 so I suspect there is a good amount of new and insightful information.




What other books do you recommend?


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