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The best pictures of our trip (Part 3 – Southeast Asia)

I can remember the night like it was yesterday. It was Thursday, September 17th. Lindsay and I were eating a little Cuban hole-in-the-wall restaurant near the hotel we were staying at in Miami near the airport. We had been on the road for for only a few weeks. As we were eating and talking about the road trip we both could sense we had something on our minds. I think that it was I who asked Lindsay if she could do anything for the last couple of months of our year would she road trip the USA. She said no. I said no. And then it was on.

A couple weeks later we decided on Thailand and Southeast Asia. Great. Fricken. Decision.

Bangkok was our first destination. On our second day after recovering from jet lag we walked across the street and got an hour long “Thai” massage for $6 USD. We didn’t know it but this would be the first of many many many massages in Thailand. Man I miss those.

The top-rated restaurant (according to reviews on TripAdvisor) was set inside a guy’s apartment that overlooked Chao Phraya River. We were all treated a firework show to celebrate halloween.

Did you know – Bangkok has the world’s largest Chinatown outside of China? I didn’t. Lindsay and I did a walking food tour and tried some really good and some pretty “interesting” foods during our 3 hours here.

Finally made it to a fish spa. This felt so weird. And there were some giant fishes in the tank I swear could fit Lindsay’s entire toe in their mouth. While were sitting in the fish spa the guy working it asks if I want a beer. Um, yes – yes I do. He hands me a cold beer. Next thing I know were sitting those massage chairs in the background getting an hour long foot massage. #missthosedays

The temples inside the Grand Palace in Bangkok exceeded our expectations. It looked fake – both in real life and in this picture. I liked these temples because they were in good shape and weren’t “ruins”.

After Bangkok we headed north to Chiang Mai to visit an elephant refuge. This was really cool. Elephants are super smart and super sweet. Funny thing I learned is that there are NO wild elephants in Thailand – they are all in one form of captivity or another. Interesting.

Ko Lanta is a laid back island south of Phuket on the west side of Thailand. The perfect spot to rent a scooter (for $8/day) and give ourselves a tour of the island. I was nervous because the last time I was on one of these things I crashed it pretty hardcore. We were safe and sound this time around.

These clown fish would hang out in the reef and get excited when you come close. This picture was taken in the crystal clear water off Koh Rok.

Looks like this could be used for some type of magazine. Surin Beach on Phuket Island. it should be clear from this picture why Phuket is a top destination for beaches in the entire world.

I love this picture. We were in Koh Lak hanging out for a couple of days before our scuba trip. This was taken on sunset beach.

We stumbled across a 5 star resort while walking the beach in Koh Lak and made a bee-line for their lounge chairs. We agreed with the manager to have lunch and buy a massage in exchange for their amenities. And just like that we were living the life of luxury. Sunset from our chairs.

The diving in Thailand was good, not great – good. The water, the islands and the landscape – top notch. I’m really happy we went to the Similan Islands on a boat for a few days because we were able to enjoy ourselves when all the day trip tourists left for the night.

Props to Lindsay for getting this picture. It’s a temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Do I know much else? No. I know it’s not Ankgor Wat 0 but other than that I can’t tell ya much. It’s cool though!

This is the scene in front of Angkor Wat at sunrise. No one tells you how annoying the crowds will be. This is the start of me really not caring for the majority of travel bloggers that over-romanticize travel and places like Angkor Wat.

On the streets of downtown Siem Reap there was a guy selling a variety of different bugs and tarantulas. I decided after a few long island iced teas that “when in Rome” and bit that tarantulas head off.

Yum yum yum. A local beef dish from a street vendor in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam. The food here was out of this world and a bowl like this would set you back no more than $2. $1 if you can speak a little Vietnamese.

Yeah…..we, like…totally missed the memo that it’s winter in November in Halong Bay. The weather was cold, rainy and permanently overcast. Still, it’s something you probably should see if your in the area.

Macau, Macau, Macau…how you broke my heart. No drinking. No one having fun. Casinos so spread out you can’t walk to them. Table minimums starting at $38 USD. You broke my little heart Macau. But we did get this cool picture inside the worlds largest casino, The Venetian Macau.

Hong Kong is a cool city. The Lobby Bar at the Intercontinental is a cool place to look at the city. I can assure we were not dressed like we belonged. Whatever. BTW – I had a Manhattan, not a cosmopolitan if anyone is questioning my drink choice.

Malapascua – a little island off the north coast of Cebu Island in the center of the Philippines which is made up of more than 7,000 islands. We were greeted with beautiful waters and great weather. A perfect start to the last 3 weeks of our trip.


The Philippines was gorgeous everywhere. People we met that were vacationing there keep coming back. Rarely did we meet someone that was there for the first time. I know we will go back at some point. This picture was taken in a small town called Oslob where tourists come to snorkel with whale sharks.

Whale sharks! 100 meters off the coast your dropped in the water to spend 45 minutes with the sharks. This is my favorite picture of Lindsay with a whale shark in the background. The sharks are so dang big!

El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Maybe my favorite 5 days of the entire 11 month journey. Our hotel was fantastic. The weather was beautiful and the islands/water/landscapes were second to none. This the scene of my favorite video Lindsay made.

Chilling at the beach soaking up the sun at Club Paradise on the little private Dimaquiat Island just outside of Coron Island in the northern part of Palawan, Philippines.

The last 5 nights of our trip were spent on Boracay Island. Known for it’s 4km white sand beach, spring break atmosphere and just about any water sport imaginable we were relegated to our hotel room for most of the trip due to some nasty weather on the account of a typhoon. On our last day we finally got some sunshine and took this photo at a hidden beach.

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