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We’re going to Thailand

After a couple of months on the road we’ve decided to make a little change to our plans. Instead of heading to the northwest in the middle of snow and cold we’re catching a flight to Bangkok, Thailand.

The road trip was great, don’t get me wrong. We had a blast. Really loved spending time with all of our friends and family along the way. Visiting friends and family in South Carolina, Panama City Beach, Gainesville, Jacksonville, Tampa & Houston would have probably taken us years to accomplish.

The decision was made a little more than a month ago. Right before we headed to the Florida Keys. Lindsay and I were having dinner. After a couple glasses of wine we started looking at each other all squirelly-eyed. I think that it was Lindsay that asked a great question, “If we can do anything or go anywhere, would we spent 2 months in the car traveling the USA?” We both answered quickly: “No.”  At that point we hadn’t quite put our finger on where exactly we wanted to go. Over the next couple of weeks we mulled over spots like Europe, Alaska, South Africa, Australia, Tahiti and SE Asia. In the end SE Asia proved to be our destination of choice for a couple of reasons. We can cover some significant ground in that part of the world in 2 months (at least we think we can). We have always been intrigued by that part of the world. The scuba diving, snorkeling and beaches are spectacular. It’s likely a little cheaper than South America. And maybe most importantly we just weren’t sure if we’d get another chance to spend a couple months abroad in a place like that again.

So here we are. Boarding a flight this afternoon at 3:45pm. A quick layover in Hong Kong and then on to Bangkok where we will land at 11:30pm Thursday (their local time). Bangkok is 12 hours ahead of Chicago. I have a feeling that is going to throw us for a loop the first couple of days. NFL football will kick off at midnight. The stock market opens at 8:30pm and closes at 3:30am. From what we have read going East (going there) is a much easier adjustment than coming back. And speaking of that, we’ll be back for xmas. Our return flight is on December 22. That will pretty much be all she wrote in terms of our sabbatical when we return. We will have a couple of weeks off and then Lindsay will be heading back to work and I will be looking for employment. Yikes.

Now – if you have been to Thailand or anywhere in SE Asia and have some recommendations (both what to do and what not to do) send them our way! We are really shooting from the hip on this adventure. We fly into Bangkok and have 4 nights at a hostel booked there. After that we have nothing. The next thing that is planned is a flight from Manila, Philippines on December 22. Wish us luck and we’ll be sure to keep this blog updated! Woo Hoo!!

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