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It’s been a while…. Hi from Florida!

Wow, it’s almost been a month since our last post. Sorry about that! So, as you may have guessed we are back in Florida. The last few weeks have gone by so fast.

After driving through Virginia, we headed down into the Carolinas. Our first stop after driving on the Blue Ridge Highway was Asheville, NC. We only spent one night here but really enjoyed this fun town.  Jeff had booked us our first ever Food Tour and it was awesome. It’s actually the #1 thing to do in Asheville according to TripAdvisor.  For $44 a person we stopped at 6 different places. Not all of the stops were at a restaurant, in fact three of them included a honey shop, a chocolatier, and a vinegar and oil place. All of the food was very good, but I think what I liked most about it was the organization of it all. Each place knew we were coming, had everything ready and included a detailed explanation of what we were having. Our guide was great too and gave us a bit of history as we walked from each place to the next.  I have seen these food tours in a lot of big cities, specifically Chicago and when we get back we plan to do another!

Fun on the food tour!

While in Asheville, we went on the LaZoom Haunted Comedy Bus Tour. It’s an hour drive around Asheville on an old trolley with a hilarious guide dressed up as a werewolf. I think the best way for me to explain this would be for you to just watch this. Best part, it’s BYOB. Yup, just as long as you finish it before the tour ends. Jeff and I classed it up with a 40 ounce of the Champagne of Beers.

40 ounces of the Champagne of Beers

Our crazy & funny tour guide.

Last stop in Asheville was a trip to the Biltmore Estate. For $70 per person you get full access to walk through the largest private mansion in the United States. The tour is self guided but for an extra $10 you can get an audio guide. I cheaped out and only got us one thinking we could share. Not so much, Jeff ended up listening first and then translating a short summary back to me.  As for the mansion, it’s pretty amazing. Especially when you learn about the time and effort that went into creating it. The construction itself took over 7 years. In order to obtain some of the supplies, they built an onsite woodworking factory and brick kiln, which produced 32,000 bricks a day and a three-mile railroad spur was constructed to bring materials to the site.

Hi from the Biltmore Estate!

You’re not allowed to take pictures inside, but of course we tried. Here is one decent one we captured of the indoor swimming pool. It was one of the first for it’s time. They brought ice cold water from the mountains to fill it and heated it up with steam from a copper hose. The water would only last for a few days because they didn’t have the chemicals to keep it clean. The ropes on the sides were there to hang on as many could not swim.

After our day at Biltmore, we drove to visit my Aunt Karyn and Uncle Bob who live in Indian Land, SC. This is very close to Charlotte. We stayed with them for two nights and had a great time catching up. They recently just built a new beautiful home, and we were spoiled with the accommodations. (Thank you again!)

My Aunt and Uncles boat! We attempted to go on but given our luck with boats, the starter was broke. It was still a lovely day and we got to see the Marina and later that day downtown Charlotte for dinner.

A quick drive from their house is Columbia, SC. We headed here on Saturday and decided to watch our first SEC game live! USC vs. Kentucky. Jeff got us great seats too. Bad news is USC lost. Oh and in case you forgot or didn’t know, no beer is served in college stadiums. Oops. Guess we should have tailgated more with the locals 🙂

Just a few rows up from the sideline!

Next stop was Charleston, SC. We were really excited to go here as we had heard a ton about it from friends and family. While we were only there for one night, we managed to see a lot! We did another free walkiing tour which was a nice start to the morning, but not our favorite tour. The guide was a bit all over the board and hard to follow. That said, the weather and the sightseeing made up for it.  Later that day we made a visit to the Old Slave Mart museum. The museum itself is the original building where the slave auctions took place from 1856 until 1863. Slave marts were created because the city finally decided to ban public slave auctions in 1856. It’s hard to believe this part of our history happened not that long ago…

A typical house in Charleston. Notice the porches are all on the sides. Usually on the South or West side to avoid the afternoon sun. Laying the houses out longwise allowed you to maximize the # of homes with street frontage. In addition, the side porch allows air to flow through the house.

We kept on driving south and ended up staying a few nights in Jekyll Island, GA. Jekyll Island is home to the Jekyll Island Club which was a place for the wealthy back in the early 20th century and referred to as the “richest, most exclusive, and inaccessible club in the world” Members included JP Morgan, William Rockefeller, and the Goodyears.  This island is a perfect spot to either camp out or stay beachside at an affordable hotel. We stayed at the Hampton Inn and it is located right on the beach. The island itself is small so you can ride bikes anywhere. The only downfall is the water. It’s brown and muddy, not ideal for swimming. The beaches are nice but you aren’t tempted to go in and swim.  During our stay here we did our first Geocaching. This was a lot of fun and we hope to do some more. It took us about 20 minutes to locate it, but unfortuatntely we forgot our trinkets to add to the treasure. Next time.

Picnic on the beach with a bottle of tasty Cakebread thank you Aunt Karyn!!

Found it! Our first Geocaching adventure was a success.

We finally made our way into Miami and then to the Florida Keys where we spent two weeks with friends and family. We are compiling pictures and videos from the Keys trip now so I will write about it on another post. Stay Tuned!

In the meantime, here are some pictures from our road trip!

Asheville, NC

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Charlotte, NC

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Columbia, SC

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Charleston, SC

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Jekyll Island, GA

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  2. lucy


    So glad to see the adventure has not ended. Funny story about Ashville, My girlfriend used to live there 25 years ago, and I would visit twice a year. Just beautiful up there!!

    I’m glad you two are having such a good time.. you look GREAT!!!!!!!

    1. Lindsay Post author

      Ha, that is funny. Small world huh? Have you been back recently? It’s a pretty hip town. If you do make it back you have to check out the La Zoom comedy bus tours. They’re fricken hilarious. Love you!

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