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We’re going off the grid for a while…

Time has been flying by lately. In just the last week we have been in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile (one the driest places on Earth and considered the 2nd best place to view the stars), the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia which I cannot even describe in words and a few nights in La Paz, Bolivia where we took in a night of Cholita wrestling.

We’ve updated the Photo section to include Chile & Bolivia.  A lot of pictures and tidbits of what we’ve been up to are posted on Instagram too.

But for the next two weeks or so we are going to be off the grid – no internet, no cell phone connection where we are going. We’ll be staying and volunteering at animal refugee outside of Coroico, in the northern province of Yungas in Bolivia. Our transportation leaves today at 12pm noon local time (which is EST). We will leave the refugee on my birthday, May 18th. Lindsay will be celebrating her 31st birthday with monkeys, cats, birds, bears and turtles!

The name of the refugee is La Senda Verde. I will not bore everyone with the exact details on this place, but if you’d like definitely check out the link to their site.

Visiting a place like this has always been on our bucket list – volunteering and getting a chance to be a part of it is a dream come true. We are excited and a little nervous – we will have to work 7 days a week for 10hrs a day – we have no idea what we will be doing. We’ve loaded up our Kindles with plenty of good books (or so we’re told) and our iPod is full of weird podcasts (from a show called the “No Meat Athlete” to 50 or so podcasts from “Bigger Pockets”).

Here is a video we watched way back in October that helped form our route so that we would not miss this place while in South America.

4 thoughts on “We’re going off the grid for a while…

    1. Lindsay

      Jimmy –Thanks!! (This is jeff writing under Lindsays name) Hope all is well back in chi-town, were in bolivia right now heading to peru tomorrow morning. hiking machu pichu in less than a week, should be awesmoe.

  1. lucy

    wow.. wow wow wow.. I miss you guys!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe you’re off the grid.. I did go through every instagram picture today. When you get back you’re going to want to be zoo keepers!!!!


  2. lucy

    BE SAFE.. that’s all we want you to do.. and check back in with us the moment you can. we miss you like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!


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