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A visit to Iguazu Falls, Argentina

We spent a total of 4 nights in Iguazu Falls, and two full days at the National Park.  The second day, on the back-to-back, is half off!

The majority of people stay in the town of Puerto Iguazu which is a 25 minute bus from the falls and the airport. It’s $10 roundtrip per person to catch the bus from town to the falls and they run every 20 minutes – very, very easy to catch. There is only one hotel in the park and that is the Sheraton. And when you are the only game in town you can charge as much as you would like – and they do – almost $300/night during the week. So we didn’t stay there.

The first day we visited Iguazu Falls the weather was a bit cloudy, but the second day was full of sun. We really lucked out by going for two days because as you will see in our pictures and video, the sun really makes a big difference.  Both days were spent on the Argentina side. You can easily get over to the Brazilian side by hiring a taxi, but for US citizens it requires a visa and an extra few hundred dollars so we skipped it. The main difference between the two sides is that on the Argentinian side you are much closer and “in” the falls, whereas on the Brazilian side you have a more panoramic view. I have never seen Niagara Falls so I can’t compare, but what I can tell you is this place is beautiful and I would definitely recommend it as a can’t miss place in Argentina. 🙂

In addition to just the water falls there are coatis running around (which are like people-friendly raccoons), more butterflies than I have ever seen in my life, gigantic rainbows and hilarious little monkeys.

Here’s the video I put together and below that are more pictures from our albums. Enjoy!

And here are more pictures!

Iguazu Falls

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8 thoughts on “A visit to Iguazu Falls, Argentina

  1. pete goldish

    great pics…my wife and i spending 3 nights/2 days on the Argentinian side. queen: not interested in paying big bucks for brazil is there enough to see/do on the argentinian side for 2 days. we’re walkers.

    1. Jeff

      Hi Pete! Thanks for writing, that amount of time is good. The weather is really finicky – we had one awesome day and one awful day. Going to the falls on a beautiful day was light years better than an overcast day, so having a couple there is a solid plan. The town itself there isn’t a ton to do. There are plenty of restaurants and bars if you like to walk around have a beer here, grab a cocktail there kind of thing. You’ll probably say to yourself “ok, we’re ready to go – 3 nights was plenty.” We took a taxi to a hotel/casino not too far away to burn some time when it was pouring out. I did have the best steak in all of Argentina in Iguazu Falls – but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. You will, should you choose, have the opportunity to clandestinely take a day trip to the Brazilian side ..many folks do ..the taxi driver pays the border guy and they let you through w/o a Visa. We opted to not do that. Have fun, we’re jealous!

  2. Colleen Burns

    Just added “selfie-stick” to my to-do list to buy for South America. I also took note to be just as enthusiastic as Jeff when getting hammered in the face with water at the falls.

    1. Lindsay Post author

      We had to bite the bullet and buy a selfie stick in Ecuador — 100% recommend buying one in the states. I think we paid almost $80 for the one we have now…The first few times using one feels really weird, but now it’s just like a long awesome arm. :0

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