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Cuenca – My oh my, what do we have here…?


Ahhhhh….we have certainly come a long way from nearly having an accident on a public bus. We are now spoiled, on what feels like a “real” vacation where we aren’t required to cut corners on lodging, food and other random expenses. Simply put: We’re back…

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect from Cuenca. Everyone that we met in the Galapagos and in Montanita said that it was beautiful, but didn’t have much else to add.  We hadn’t done much research because we knew that we were going to stop in Cuenca to visit family, it wasn’t a matter of whether or not there was any particular activity, event or landmark to see.

I am not sure where to start. For one, it feels so good to see a friendly face. I know, it’s only been about five weeks, but still – the night that Beth & Larry met us at the bus station and we ordered pizza felt so dang good. And were lucky, because the feeling has not gone away.  Beth & Larry have opened their home, their friends and their routines to us and we feel like a king and a king. Ha, that’s a Lenny joke.

For those that aren’t in the loop Beth & Larry are related to Lindsay. Here’s how. Larry is Lindsay’s mom’s sister’s husband’s brother. Get it? Lindsay’s aunt’s husband’s brother. Get it? Lindsay’s Uncle’s brother. Kind of a distant relative and if I had to get technical there is no blood relationship here – far from it actually. But let me tell you it doesn’t feel that way one bit. It’s been so fun in our first handful of days (we arrived 5 days ago) – it’s like we have known and hung out with each other forever.

Cuenca like a King & Queen

  • Larry & Beth are awesome people.
  • We have a quiet, comfortable bed that we sleep like babies in.
  • We are getting an unbelievable healthy mixture of home cooked meals and dining out.
  • Unlimited hot water for showers. We’re clean. Everyday. Not kidding
  • Clean clothes too…in house laundry is a big plus 🙂
  • Endless outlets to plug in electronics.
  • Slingboxed cable from Chicago. ie…I get to watch the fucking Chicago Bulls.
  • They have a cat, and she’s adorable.
  • Wine, Cuba Libre’s, Cosmo’s, Cold Beer – ALL on the house!
  • A $1M view from of current residence.
  • A WiFi connection that allows us to actually upload pictures.
  • A car to drive around.
  • I could go on and on.

But it’s not all about what we have access to from an amenities and family prospective, Cuenca is a real cool city too.

Cuenca is gorgeous. It’s surrounded by hills and mountains, notably El Cajas – the town of 500,000 is set in sort of a valley. The downtown streets have a very European feel due to the heavy French influence in the city design and architecture. This city is exactly what the doctor ordered after a stint in Montanita. We needed to wash the stink off ourselves, and there is not a better place to do it than here.

We’ve added a ton of pictures from our short time in Cuenca. However, below is a the best of the best.

Best Of Cuenca

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5 thoughts on “Cuenca – My oh my, what do we have here…?

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  2. lucy

    WOW… x infinity is all I have to say. Thank you for the 2 minutes of getting lost in photo bombs from paradise half way across the world. Jeff you are looking SO much more like your dad it’s scarey lol!

    You are missing the week of a major thaw and 55 degrees here. I am in the middle of my real estate classes and the daily grind. I MOST appreciated the photo of Linds “smelling the roses”. KICK ASS TRIP THUS FAR COUSINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep them coming!!!

    love the blog
    love you two
    love it all!!!


    1. Lindsay

      Hi Lucy!! We have heard about this 50+ weather back in Chicago. You will see why in our next post that actually sounded really nice to us believe it or not. The trip is really awesome – -and it has just begun which is crazy to think about. Love you too!!

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