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Hauser: Our best meal yet.

It began on our second night on Isabela, as the sun was setting we asked a couple of guys to take our picture with the sunset to our backs. We had no idea this would lead to an incredible night and dinner at Hauser.

After the picture was taken we all began to chit chat and get to know each other. Our two new friends are from Guayaquil but had been spending a lot of time on Isabela. A short while into the conversation (seriously, no more than 15 minutes) one of the guys asked where we had eaten dinner. Being only a couple of days into our stay we didn’t have any real profound answer to this question. At this point our friend suggested that we try a place called Hauser, the best restaurant not only on the Island but in all of the Galapagos. Given the fact that less than a week ago we were ditched by a guy who was equally as enthusiastic I was naturally skeptical – but this place did sound awesome.  We said that we were in, definitely in. WhatsApp numbers were exchanged, but I couldn’t send them a text because I didn’t have WiFi, it would have to wait.

Long story short is that this worked out flawlessly. In fact we got a pre-dinner tour of the farm from Yvette, the owner of the farm and restaurant along with her husband, Bert.

Before I get into the details of the night, I want to say that this place is a little off the grid, both from a location perspective (located in the hills, a 20 minute drive from town) and online (very difficult to find information online). For instance, the restaurant is not on Trip Advisor. This made it even more intriguing.

The property (their house, farm and restaurant) is nestled in the hills with views looking southeast. You can see the ocean and the small island of Tortuga. On a very clear day you can even see Floreana, the smallest of inhabited islands. It’s beautiful.

Houser restaurant view

View from just outside the restaurant, looking west.


We started the night off with a cocktail. At the time it was given to us we weren’t sure exactly what it was but the drink was served in a martini glass with a lemon wedge, so we knew it would be good – and it was. Later, once the tour of the farm began Yvette informed us that we were having a cocktail made with guanábana, also known as the soursop fruit, that has flavors of strawberry, pineapple and citrus. This is how we like to tour farms.

Yvette did a wonderful job showing a bunch of other trees and fruits that are specific to the Galapagos and South America, such as the lima fruit tree which looks exactly like a lime, and I would swear that it is – but Yvette knows better and told us otherwise.  The farm is 80,000 square meters (about 20 acres).

no approval needed pink bananas

Pink bananas. These
‘bloom” and peel like a traditional banana, but only the birds eat these.

no approval needed guanabana

The Guanabana fruit. These can be as large as a football.

no approval needed guanabana cocktails

On the front lawn with our tasty guanabana cocktails!

Dinner was fantastic as well. Great company, great drinks and great food. For $20 we had a delicious four course meal with homemade bread. Salad, tomato soup, swordfish with veggies & potatoes and a really good raspberry dessert.

no approval needed houser dining room

The dining room at Hauser.

no approval needed houser main course

The main course: grilled swordfish, potatoes and steamed vegetables.

no approval needed houser cream tomato soup

Creamy tomato soup.

no approval needed houser salad

Mixed veggie salad served with a homemade white wine vinaigrette.

no approval needed houser dessert

Dessert: Raspberry custard (kind of..) with homemade whipped cream.


After dinner was perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening.  Yvette had her 7yr old granddaughter who was eating dinner at the table next to us. This. Girl. Was. Hilarious.  She loved taking pictures, spoke perfect (probably better than me) English and one of the first questions she asked Lindsay and I was “are you married?” We ended up taking a bunch of random and funny pictures together.

no approval needed houser group shot

The entire clan, including Yvette. She was an incredible host. Super nice, hilarious stories and amazing service. So glad we had a chance to eat here.

no approval needed houser

Lindsay, Jeff & our new friend, normal faces.

no approval needed funny face

Jeff & friend funny faces. This, btw, is in the middle of the dining room with 20+ others eating dinner.


For anyone that is staying on Isabela I couldn’t  recommend this restaurant any more. You have to give it a shot. We’re so glad that we did.

8 thoughts on “Hauser: Our best meal yet.

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    1. Lindsay

      We had a blast in Isabela. Awesome getting to meet you. Looking forward to our paths crossing again. Best luck to you on the island, you will do an awesome job.

  2. lucy

    OMG cousins!! At this rate you’re NEVER going to want to come home. I am loving and reading everything and so is Joe. He is getting SUCH a kick out of your posts he asks me all the time “did Jeff and LInds post anything yet this week?” I have to forward him all the emails.


    1. Lindsay

      Haha! That is awesome – I’m glad that he likes em, I can promise that we will keep on posting. It will be difficult to come back. One more week here in Galapagos and then back to the mainland. The trip will take a slightly different turn on the mainland vs here on the islands which were excited about.

  3. Yvette Feret

    Thank you very much for such deailed and exquisite description of your emotions from our sharings at dinner last night … I feel overwhelmed and your words are a sweet stimule for us to continue giving it all to please and host wonderful people like you! Have a great week and keep me posted on your livings.
    If I may… the view from our Terrace is to Turtle Rock and left of it FLOREANA ISLAND were the Wittmers colonized back in the 1940’s (not Fernandina which is north west of Isabela) Bye bye <3 <3 <3

    1. Jeff Post author

      Hi Yvette!! We’re really glad that you liked the post, we had such a great time. Thanks for the correction on which island we can see from the view. I’ve already made the update 🙂

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