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Welcome to No Approval Needed!

Hello!  If you have found No Approval Needed then you are probably already aware that we are are leaving our jobs and heading to South America in early 2015.  We will update everyone on the itinerary…when we have one.

We’re going to try and “blog” from our own perspectives.  This means that posts could come from Lindsay & Jeff while others will come from either Jeff or Lindsay.  We’ll see how it goes.  If it’s too complicated or confusing we will put the kabash on it.

We DEFINITELY want comments and interaction.  Any and all.  Suggestions. Critiques. Inappropriate remarks. You name it, we want it.  This is going to be the main medium in which we keep in contact with all of our friends and family.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to No Approval Needed!

  1. Sean

    Beware the Chagas! Jk. Be safe you guys. Excited for you. Dont worry about internet and crap. Document by writing and photographs. When you’re away from it all you get to remember what your inner dialogue and Self sound like again. Keep your wits about you but enjoy. Life doesn’t always have times like these

    1. Lindsay

      Dang, just read about chagas now – that is some nasty stuff. We have our written journals a a few good options for pictures and video. We can’t wait to take some underwater video when we scuba dive shortly.

  2. Cheri

    How long has it taken you to plan these excursions? Is there some centralized service that helps? I can’t even imagine how someone would go about planning such a thing!

    1. Lindsay Mikos

      Hi Cheri, good question. We planned the first part of our trip in about 3-4 months. That said, we don’t have it all figured out yet. There are great resources online such as travel blogs and forums that helped steer us. One specifically with a lot of information is Thanks for following!

  3. Bob Bartnick

    I’m so jealous and excited to follow your travels! I backpacked through Europe while studying abroad in college, and other than marriage and the birth of my children, those were some of the most memorable experiences in my life!

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